Andrea shakti

Trauma Informed RYT 200
Certified ThetaHealer
Public + Private + Remote Classes
based in Sayulita, Nayarit

"Being present is what changes you into who you want to be"-Andrea shakti

Born and introduced to Yoga in the SF Bay Area, I began energy healing in 2017 and in 2018 I came to Pueblo Magico to deepen my connection to the spiritual world. What I ultimately experienced was a rebirth of myself into a compassionate & authentic teacher, healer, and energetic guide. 


It's not hard to be overtaken with the lush beauty and magical feel of Sayulita, and my goal is to help my students (wether they are coming to visit or reside here) enhance these feelings of magic between their body, soul, and their environment...and then carry that with them off of the mat as they continue to move through life. 


My work as an energetic guide and teacher is my personal homage to the divine. My goal is to help students  become skilled at tapping into a sense of connection and compassion within themselves, and then ultimately turn that recognition outward towards the world around them, creating an existence with reduced suffering for all. 

  I began teaching in the Oro Leggings Studio in 2019, where I was able to offer Power Vinyasa Flows, Restorative Classes, and Free Community Classes to the public.  During quarantine, I turned my work inward and received a RYT200 Certification from Passion Yoga School, studying the Soulwork methods under Adi Shakti & Sharon Brenes. I am currently offering public classes and ceremonial celebrations at Hotel Selina, and am booking Private Clients for Winter 2020.  I will be guest teaching and leading a Valentine's Day Cacao Ceremony with the Hanuman Yoga Retreat December 2020 & February 2021

Whether you are new to yoga or interested in rigorous practices, my classes are suitable for every body.

We blend movement, music, mantra, and breath work into lessons applicable both on and off the mat. I offer personalized adjustments and modifications for each student, classes include balances, twists, inversions, spinal lengthening, and total body strengthening which leave you feeling strong, refreshed, and confident to explore your own practice safely. 

I teach Beginner's, Power, Gentle, Bikram-Style Hot, Meditation, Mantra, and Restorative classes in person or on your schedule via your computer or phone. I recently added Yoga for Surfers, HipHop Vinyasa, and Yoga for Trauma to my offerings. We can create custom plans to help your reach specific physical or mental goals, as well as schedule regular voice meditation sessions. 

I am certified in therapeutic yoga for treating the symptoms of trauma, anxiety, loss, and depression. I bring personal wisdom from my own PTSD and Adoption healing journeys with me as I guide students through self healing practices in a confidential, non-judgmental, and compassionate way. 

My goal is to help heal the world by holding space for individuals to heal themselves. 

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"Whether you are brand new to yoga or have years of experience, Andrea’s wealth of knowledge, calm energy and creativity will help you take your practice to the next level. Andrea has an intrinsic ability to provide a safe environment for everyone to enjoy yoga in their own way. No class with Andrea is the same, her creativity and passion shows up in each class with new poses, flows, mantras or spiritual lessons.
What I have enjoyed most out of her classes is her ability to balance mind and body, ensuring to give equal attention to each, while providing personalized guidance." 

Melissa Keck

Sayulita, Mexico

"Andrea is an extraordinarily unique yoga teacher. I have done yoga all over the world, and coming into her class I was feeling a little down on the practice. She not only reignited my passion yoga but also found ways in her classes to take my skills up a notch as well. She seems to possess the talent of assessing each individual’s level and tailoring the class (seemingly in the moment) to fit everyone which then ensured I had both a physically and emotionally fulfilling session. I believe this intuition is something that can not be taught, but a personality trait that makes Andrea a perfect yoga instructor and energy guide. I am endlessly grateful to her." @mlkeck10

Anne Melgard

Seattle, Washington

"My teacher, Andrea, led a satisfying power yoga at 10am and rejuvenating class at 5pm. I attended 3 sessions and wish I could have returned for more. My friend joined me and being new to yoga, she was very comfortable because the guidance was kind and adapted for all levels."

More Offerings...


The Theta Healing® Technique

Theta Healing "is a training method for your mind, body and spirit that allows you to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts, developing virtues in all that we do. Through meditation and prayer, the ThetaHealing Technique creates a positive lifestyle"(


Certified by Jenni Wendell of Just Be Yoga, Andrea currently offers remote, 60-75 minute video or voice sessions. Through this meditation we will identify emotional/energetic blockages, address emotional needs, and channel information to clear energy which no longer serves your greatest and highest good. 


Breath Work

Need some mental fresh air? Feeling anxious in the midst of uncertainty? Andrea has you covered. Utilizing the power of ancient mantra and modern technology, these remote sessions will leave you feeling grounded and refreshed.

15-45 minutes.  

"Breath is the intelligence of the body"-Desikachar.

Breath work sessions utilize ancient techniques to purposefully move energy within the body and change vibrational frequency in a positive manner. 

15-60 minutes. 



I am available to help plan and facilitate group ceremonys.1st Menstruation Celebrations, Cacao Ceremonies, Full Moon Manifestations, and Sacred Plant Medicine Circles to name a few! Ceremonies are not available remotely.